The bottom line is you want to drill the quickest hole at the cheapest cost. However, varying and difficult ground conditions means penetration rates, and per metre costs, can fluctuate wildly. If a bit only drills 10% of what you expect it to, then it’s suddenly costing you 10 times more.

While our bits are designed to give you the best life in every ground condition, from super soft to super hard, we understand that in difficult geological conditions, an off-the-shelf bit won’t always give you the best performance. 


We will go above and beyond to engineer you a customised bit to match your ground conditions and operational requirements. One of our product experts will visit your site to understand your problems and collect the data our engineers need. We will then design and prototype your bit so you can test it. We will do this until you have the optimal bit for your requirements so you can achieve certainty of drilling performance.

We’ll also send through data on what the bits are doing each month so you can monitor their performance. If for any reason the performance is below expectations, we will come back and have a look at the problem and solve it for you.

The Cenerg Way

On site analysis and photographic documentation of dull drill bits to identify mode of failure.

Collect data on pit and ground conditions, drill rig performance, drill bit life and drilling hours.

Analysis of data by engineering centre and design of optimised drill bit. Rapid manufacture of prototype.

Prototype testing on your rig, performance analysis and further prototyping to achieve optimum cost per meter and total drilling cost.