We make precision Rotary Drill Bits for blasthole, water well, RC exploration and trenchless directional drilling applications. We can also provide all your Drill String accessories, including Drill Rods, Subs, Deck Bushes, Jaws and Lubricants.

Our founders have led the global development of Rotary Drill Bits for over 25 years. Today, hundreds of millions of tonnes of iron ore, coal, gold and nickel are extracted from the ground every year using our bits. From Australia to the USA, South America, Kazakhstan, Europe, Africa, India and Russia. 

All our Rotary Drill Bits are made in our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing centre in Hyderabad, India. What’s unique about our facility is it has been purpose-designed to allow us to rapidly, and cost-effectively, customise bits for our customers around the world. 

We can do this because we have people on the ground in the major mining regions. Product experts you can call on who will come to your site when you have a problem. People who are there for you and who can solve your drilling problems. 


Global presence,
local support.